These are the three pillars on which Willow Bridge Homes operates its business. Willow Bridge Homes began thirty years ago doing home repairs, maintenance and renovation. In the year 2000 when the owner, Mike Hussein, became a licensed builder, he focused his talents and energy towards developing and building family homes that are professional masterpieces.

Your home is a most valuable asset. Willow Bridge Homes can help you realize this asset. We provide all of our clients with the highest level of workmanship and design possible. Our philosophy is to always build the best, most cost-effective houses that technology is capable of producing. We specialize in high-quality custom homes.

Mr. Hussein emphasizes quality of service, design and workmanship in his business. Every house he builds meets the standards and specifications required by the construction industry. Furthermore, he serves clients who may have special designs in mind, or, may require unique features in their homes. He works under a philosophy that making the clients happy and satisfied as it is his salient mission. He believes that a home is a place not just to live in comfortably for a long time, but also a tangible asset that will give the owner the assurance of a greater return of his or her own investment.